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August 2016

The Modern Birth Announcement

Aug 19, 2016


Do It YOURSELF. I know sounds scary, right? It’s actually really simple and fun. You don’t have to spend a grand on photography, etc. Every baby website will tell you on their “preparation list” per your babies arrival is to hire a photographer for their newborn photos because they book up quickly and the first month with them flies! I beg to differ…

birth announce

Searching for a location became an expression of our personalities. Wherever you live, whatever city/town your baby is born take some time to find the spot that sets the tone of your lifestyle there. It could be as simple as in front of a white fence with your baby in a woven basket filled with a symbolic blanket or outside your cities famous sports stadium with fan gear. Think outside the box, yet your everyday. After you come up with that ideal spot get your props ready and start snappin’. If you don’t have a professional camera don’t freak. Just use your phone camera or borrow. Photos become perfection within the editing. Whether you buy a free month of photoshop or use the edit tab on your phone. Mess around with three things- brightness, cropping and lighting. VoilΓ ! You have your photo. Now upload it to the stationary website of your choice and enter your newborns information. Easily have your return address printed on your envelopes too. Theres so much you can do on these sites! I always chooseΒ Tiny PrintsΒ for my stationary. I love all their unique options and easy to maneuver site. I recently teamed up with Tiny Prints for your benefit πŸ˜‰ I’m always looking for promos on any purchase. Create anything on their site from personalized monumental books, invites, even holiday cards. CLICK HERE FOR ALL CURRENT PROMOTIONS AT TINY PRINTS!


August Beauty, Lovin’ Lately

Aug 03, 2016

makeup 222

I typically don’t wear a lot of makeup and I definitely don’t wear it daily, which I think is key to allow your skin to breathe. Β When I do I keep it light. I like the natural glow look for summer, of course (don’t we all). Here are the products I love to obtain that summer girl glow!

Spray Tan bottel Green Bushes

First, I always spray my face with St. Tropez. I stopped tanning my face a couple years ago when I noticed my first sun spot and you’ll notice I love wearing hats in the summer to keep the sun off my face. Side note, pregnant women are prone to develop more sunspots due to when steep rises in estrogen levels stimulates excess melanin production and exposure to sunlight can make it worse.


For the spots and bags under my eyes I can’t control I use this skin tint by Hourglass. I always keep something like this handy for days after sleepless nights. I like the Hourglass brush because it creates an even distribution.


chanel powder

I then apply this Chanel powder. I was never a powder or foundation person and I definitely don’t believe in this powder just because it’s logo but it ROCKS. I feel like my skin looks completely even when I wear this. I’m careful of the shade so it doesn’t become too cakey looking.



Invest in a shimmer! I’ll wear this all year around for a natural cheekbone glow. I apply down the front of my nose as well. As you can tell I’m starting to love the Hourglass line as Nars just discontinued my most recent favorite shimmer stick:( The foam brush you see here is bomb too. Makes it easy to apply when you’re out on the town for reapplication.



I go a very inexpensive route for my mascara. You can find this at any drug store. Be mindful of what shade you want-dark black, black, brown, etc.



Always have a gloss handy to go over your matte stick. I love Nars for gloss and Revlon always has bright summer colors to keep it sexy and fun! What are your go to’s?